After School Kahi sheds tears discussing about the difficulties of being a leader

pada acara tvN "50 Million Great Question" tanggal 20 Mei, After School menjadi tamu dan berbagi cerita pribadi mereka.
salah satunya leader Kahi.

seorang ahli berkata sesuatu yang ditujukan ke Kahi, She probably has had greater hardships because she was the leader.” saat Kahi mendengarnya, ia mulai menangis mengingat saat saat berat yang dia pernah alami.

dia mengungkapkan,

Honestly, a while back, there was so much weight to carry as the leader, and the position of leader became very difficult. But lately, I’ve let go of some of the burdens and have taken my members hand-in-hand to get rid of the hardships together.The time I had to wait to become a singer was long, and so more than anybody else, I suffered from the obsession of having to be successful.
setelah mendengar itu, member After School yang lainnya pun mulai menangis saat mengungkapkan “By helping leader Kahi-unni, we will turn into a more tightly-knit girl group.
Source: Newsen via Nate

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