SHINee Onew have no reaction watching horor movie?

SHINee Onew mengungkapkan bahwa setiap dia nonton film horor, orang orang berpikir bahwa dia tidak takut karena tidak menunjukkan reaksi apa apa. sebenarnya dia takut, tapi nggak ditunjukkin. Onew bahkan menyiapkan perkenalan diri yang unik kalo kalo nanti dapet kesempatan tampil di variety show jepang.

ini kutipan interview Onew dari Elle Girl Korea June Edition!
"Actually, I'm not sure if it is going to work. The more you put in, the higher chance it is to get more out? haha. (T/N: korean saying) Want to prepare a unique self-introduction. For example, "I-am-Onew-who-is-not-scared-of-scary-movies" something like this? (really?) might be scared inside but others will not know because there is no reaction. 

Forgetting immediately when he feels frustrated, sleeping when he feels moody, singing songs he likes when he feels happy. Comparing with others, Onew is not much different...a realistic life and doesn't really mind how people sees him.

"Comparing to what people say, I am just being my natural self. I have always been this kind of person" 

We totally did not expect this early 20th generation boy is a 23 year old idol who has a greed to become a celebrity. His calm and natural mentality brings us many hidden surprises.
source: elle girl korea
chinese trans: onewtime
eng trans: vivz @ soompi (plz do not add or edit + credit properly if taken out)
cr pict : dcgall
dajeonglee @dkpopnews.net (via dkpopnews)

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