Beast Yoseob laments the cancelation of KBS2 TV "100 Points Out of 100"

variety show KBS2 TV 100 Points Out of 100 (atau Oh My School) kabarnya akan dihentikan oleh KBS. dan tanggal 18 Mei, Beast Yoseob berbagi tweet (?) setelah syuting episode terakhir acara tersebut:

“I was often caught off guard when I heard ‘100 points’ and ‘Hyangsuk-ah!’ while recording. Ki Kwang also came out on the show and kept me in check. The monkey makeup punishment was embarrassing too. I’m proud to have been nicknamed ‘the dance copier’ and I’ll remember the classroom being warm… I’m beginning to miss the last recording of ‘100 Points’ and the show itself. Thank you to everyone who had faith in me during my time on the show.”

Fans yang membaca tweet nya membalas:
“That’s too bad”
“Thank you for all your hard work”
“I miss you already, now that I won’t be seeing you [on the show].”

sementara itu, 100 Points Out of 100 nantinya akan digantikan oleh Immortal Song 2

Source: Money Today Star News via Nate News (via allkpop)  

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